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|| Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum ||

The full spectrum offering honours your whole journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

As you move through the blooming of womanhood I will walk with you, nourishing and holding space for your experience.

Supporting you to learn all you need to about yourself, your baby, birth and motherhood. 

I will be with you through the birth portal when its time to bring your baby Earthside and we will work together in however you envision this birth to be, whether you  decide to home birth, hospital birth or free birth your baby. I encourage you to understand your own unique path through life and birth and will care for you in whatever framework you decide. 

In the six weeks post birth I offer in home services to tend to your physical body, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Postpartum visits are an organic process in which I offer a range of supports and intuit what you may need in the session.

I gift you energetic and tender bodywork, herbal support, yoni steam, moxibustion and warming therapies to encourage regeneration and healing. Physical support and in home chores are also completed.

Postpartum is a very specific time in healing and requires a particular style of care that I am very passionate about. 

|| Sessions ||

Pregnancy // A friendship blossoms. 

Throughout pregnancy I aim to fulfil 7 sessions where we learn to relate, trust and feel safe with one another. This will include time spent with your partner and/or birthing team. 

I offer bodywork, yoga, birth planning, deep listening and postpartum education.

Birth // In reverence.

I am on call for your birth and in attendance for the whole journey in whatever capacity you envision. I hold space throughout this time as an energy worker, creating a sacred container for you and your family. I offer physical support and preparations. 

Postpartum // Caring with passion.

This is a six week minimum journey where I attend to your body, soul and spirit each week. I offer a listening ear and a compassionate heart. Supporting you as you navigate motherhood. Each session will include nourishing foods, teas or snacks. It will involve bodywork or energetic healing, footpaths, sitz baths, yoni steam, moxa, and belly binding. In the realms of new babies and new mums a session is very loosely planned and organic, I am able to intuit what you may needs and flow with the unique presentations. For an example of my work click here.

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