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The Dali are complete comfort and casual wear, in style.

Wide leg flared with an elastic draw string waist.

Styled high waisted or on the hips. 


Worn by the consious in work, play and movement.


Dali - Black

SKU: 005
  • This garment is mindfully woven from the devoted hands of our beloved family in India. 

    A delicate weave of Himalayan hemp and organic cotton, incredibly soft, chemical free and gentle on the skin.

    Naturally abundant, Hemp is the most eco-friendly of all fibres. Per acre, Hemp produces more fibre than cotton, linen, bamboo & even trees. The soil is renewed with each growth cycle, creating a fertile & balanced ecosystem, empowering community & connection. This garment is biodegradable and can be returned to the earth at the end of its lifecycle.

    Nothing is wasted in the production process of this garment, excess materials are reused and repurposed. By investing in this garment over fast fashion, you are not only helping prevent waste, pollution and landfill, supporting families and communities but you are helping to co-create an entirely new system that honours and respects the living world. 


    Wash before wear.

    Hand wash in cold water and natural detergents - this keeps our waters and bodies clear from chemicals and other nasties. 

    Dry me in the light of the sun.

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